High Functioning Clients

Yes, that is you! Overall, you function well in life, you look after your own basic and psychological needs, probably even making sure that these needs are met for others (parents, siblings, dependants, friends etc.). You know there is something more to life than just existing and you aim to live a full and meaningful life. Although sometimes it might feel like spinning plates, pushing that boulder up hill, no rest for the wicked… Therapy can help looking after you, while you look after others. Therapy can help figuring out why you do what you do, while you do not have to change this. Therapy can help to sort out the jumble in your head and heart. Therapy can help you to achieve your full potential; experiencing, learning, and integrating everything on your journey – growing into the person you are meant to be!

Diagnosis and Labels

You might have been diagnosed with something or are awaiting a label that might make sense of who you are or why you do what you do or might explain why you feel like you do. This could help with ‘treatment’, although remember that you are more than just a label! We cannot control how we feel (mentally and physically) or what we think (usually habitually and automatic) – we can manage these. And we can decide that what is in our control is our behaviour! Becoming aware and consciously deciding, making a choice, taking our own responsibility with what we do.

Therapy can help you to become more aware, support you to make your own conscious choices, be at peace with who you are!

Life Experiences and Challenges

The most ‘common’ life experiences and challenges I support clients with are Anger Management, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Bereavement, Depression, Dissociate Identity Disorder (DID), Relationship Communication, Stress Prevention / Reduction / Coping Techniques, Transgender / Gender Identity, Trauma / Traumatic Experience etc.

If there is a specific challenge you would like to address and it is not mentioned above, you can still contact me. If I cannot help you, I will most likely know another experienced therapist who can!

Appointment Request

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