Continued Professional Development (CPD) for therapists

During one fruitful supervision session the term ‘Camping with Kirsty’ was coined… Although not everyone likes camping, we have even been talking about glamping too and I did have a look at Royal Victoria Country Park…
To get the ball rolling, it might be an idea to start with a shorter and warmer option for now. No camping involved, ‘just’ CPD – practical counselling training, on a Saturday in the group room at my office.

When I asked what you wanted to know more about, the answer was ‘life, the universe and everything’!!

available Workshops

Therapist’s Pandemic Recovery

Creative Approaches: Bodywork

Creative Approaches: OH Cards

Creative Approaches: Therapeutic Journaling

Creative Approaches: Stress Management

Creative Approaches: Dreamwork

Creative Approaches: Zen Doodle & Mandala

Creative Approaches: Hero’s Journey

These workshops are two hours each, cost £35 per person and usually held on a Saturday. Contact me if you are interested and keep an eye out for the CPD date announcements. If you are part of a group of (trainee) therapists, you can of course book these workshops for your group alone (max 10 people), possibly on a different day.

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