What is Stress?

  • A normal physical response to demands and danger
  • Caused by both internal demands and external demands
  • A reaction to what you see as the relationship between demands (pressure) on you and your (in)ability to cope


  • A mismatch between the demands of a situation and your ability to deal with this.
  • The perception of the lack of the ability to cope with life.


What could those External demands be: other people’s expectations of us; tasks, roles, deadlines are all demands, as are the situations we find ourselves in; traffic, noise, heat, cold etc.

What could those Internal demands be: the rules we make for ourselves; I must be… perfect, nice, quick, successful, always on time etc.

All these demands can feel challenging, exciting, and positive when they feel manageable. They feel manageable when we have sufficient internal recourses and external support to allow us to manage those demands.

Feeling that a demand is manageable means that adrenaline is released appropriately in our bodies to allow us to fulfil the demands.

Demands become negatively stressful when you have insufficient external support and internal resources to allow you to manage. You experience stress when you feel you cannot cope with those demands.

Demands are difficult to measure. One person’s challenge is another person’s unmanageable demand.

Stress is largely about how you perceive demands and how you perceive yourself and your ability to cope.


In our upcoming ‘Stress Management’ Workshop on Saturday the 9th of July, we look at the three types of stress, the symptoms and possible warning signs of stress (phsysical, emotional, mental and behavioural), what causes stress (TONS), we look at what are your stressors (internal and external), your triggers, the Four A’s of stress management, how to set up a stress plan with your clients and added bonus; Stress Bingo!

As usual, the workshop (CPD) is geared towards Counsellors, Therapists, Coaches either in training or qualified. Contact us if you would like to come along!